General Issues – North County

Monterey’s North County is grappling with water quality and quantity issues. LandWatch has been involved with these issues for more than a decade.

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Art Exhibit

  • Beauty of North County Celebrated in Art Exhibit 
    An art show dedicated to preserving the threatened beauty of North Monterey County will be held at the Salinas Courthouse through October 26, 2000. Come to a reception on September 12th, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. (09.05.00)

Water Moratorium

  • Help Maintain the North County Water Moratorium
    Concerned North County residents are asking the Board of Supervisors to maintain the current development moratorium in North Monterey County, where serious groundwater overdraft is occurring. If you’d like to help, please print out the petition, get as many signatures as you can, and then return it as indicated on the petition form. A public hearing will be held before the Board of Supervisors on January 22, 2002. Mark your calendar if you can attend. (01.08.02)
  • Letter: LandWatch Supports Moratorium (20K PDF)
    Groundwater overdraft is a continuing problem in North Monterey County, and the Board of Supervisors will soon consider a development moratorium, acknowledging the problem. (08.27.00)

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